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Producer Mack Damon at Stone Creek Sound



Stone Creek Sound founder and Grammy-winning producer Mack Damon has over three decades of full-time experience producing and mentoring bands and musicians. He's also co-written #1 songs, while his work has been featured in everything from feature films and television, video games, national ad campaigns and interactive online media. And with experience in artist management/development and A&R for indie record labels, Mack understands how to guide and mentor artists to bring out their very best in a challenging studio environment. 


In addition to his role at Stone Creek Sound, he is a distance learning instructor in audio engineering and production for the Radio and Recording Film Connection in Los Angeles.


  • Lil’ Wayne

  • Elle King

  • Bun B

  • Sky Blu

  • Rich O’Toole

  • Bart Crow

  • Sebastien de la Cruz

  • David Fenley

  • The Panic Division 

  • plus many more


  • Universal Music Group

  • Capitol EMI

  • Microsoft

  • National Association of Broadcasters

  • NFL Enterprises

  • MTV Networks

  • General Motors

"Mack Damon can be described in two words: THE BEST. As a creative mind there are no thoughts that go unheard with Mack. The ability to take the simplest of ideas, and provide an array of artistic opportunity amongst them, is what I love most about working with him. You get his incredible experience and a producer who cares. You are guaranteed to have a voice to encourage your strengths within yourself to be the best you can be. I feel so much magic will leave with any artist who creates here. :)"

~ Rae M.

"As a producer, you will find no one more experienced or more gifted at bringing out the absolute best in an artist than Mack Damon. He isn’t just a jack of all trades, but a master of each. When I walked through the front door of that cabin in the woods, I finally found what I had been searching for all along… my musical family. And for that, I couldn’t be more grateful.”

~ Julia H.

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