The Annex

This state-of-the-art control room features ProTools HD with Black Lion modded HD I/O, 24 channels of Class A preamps, Yamaha NS-10 and JBL LSR 28p near-fields, plus a large collection of premium guitar amplifiers from Fortin, Driftwood, Bogner, Krank, Diezel, Peavey, Mesa Boogie and more.  

  • Wunder Cobalt Pre

  • Warm 1073 pre/eq channels

  • Warm 1176

  • Warm WA 412 4-channel pre

  • KHE Amp Switcher

  • Kemper Profiler

  • 24 core Mac Pro, 64 GB RAM



  • Fortin Amplification Meshuggah

  • Bogner Uberschall

  • Driftwood Purple Nightmare

  • EVH 5150 III

  • Krank Rev 1

  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

  • Peavey 5150

  • Peavey 6534+

  • Peavey Butcher (90’s)

  • Peavey Triple X

  • Roland Jazz Chorus 77

  • Kemper Profiler


  • Mesa Boogie Oversized Rectifier 4x12

  • Mills Acoustics Afterburner 4x12

  • Omega Ampworks 2x12

  • Marshall 1960b 4x12 (Greenbacks)

  • Orange 4x12 PPC412 (V30)

  • Vox 412BN 4x12 (Wharfdale)

  • Peavey 5150 4x12 (Sheffield)

  • Avatar 4x12 (V30)


Please get in touch to discuss rates, specials and availability.

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